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product name
【 N-chlorosuccinimide CAS Number 128-09-6 】


English Name: NCS; N-chlorosuccinimide; N-chlorobutanimide


Molecular formula: c4h4clno2

Structural type:

Molecular weight: 133.54

Properties: This product is white fine-grained crystal, soluble in water and alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, etc. Specific gravity 2.097, melting point 150-152, chlorine smell.

Precautions: This product is highly irritating to skin and mucous membrane. Pay attention to protection.

Main uses: organic synthetic chlorinating agent and pharmaceutical intermediate. It can also be used to prepare rubber additives.

Packaging and storage: 25kg cardboard barrel Store tightly in a dry, cool and dark place, away from reducing agent, strong acid, strong alkali, iron and its salts.

Product specification index

Appearance: White or yellowish crystal

Content:                                ≥99%

Melting point:                 145.0-150.0°C

Available chlorine content:         ≥26.0%

Burning residue:                     ≤0.1%

Loss on drying:                       ≤0.5%

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