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【 Magnesium oxide 】

Product Name:Magnesium oxide

CAS No:1309-48-4

Molecular Formula:MgO

Technical Data of Magnesium oxide

1.Light magnesium oxide is used in ceramics, enamel, refractory crucible, refractory bricks, etc., also used as polishing agent, binder, paint and paper filler, neoprene accelerator, activator.In medicine, it can be used as antacids, laxatives, for the treatment of hyperacidity and duodenal ulcer disease, but also for glass, phenolic, plastics and other industries.

2.Dead-roasted magnesium oxide, namely magnesite, has granular type and brick type, being widely used as the refractory materials of steel furnace, cement kiln and glass furnace.
3.Alkaline granular refractory, mainly used for metal refining industry, with massive refractory for the furnace, or granular material for maintenance; Use spray, coating method to have it attached to the furnace wall in order to enhance the furnace fire resistance.
4.Magnesium oxide produce a positive charge inside the water with most of the suspended material being negatively charged, acting absorption role, can improve the filtration effect.

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