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TDI Market

Date:12/15/2017 10:00:03 AM
Recently, the chemical product of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) has been revival, and domestic chemical enterprises have been reported to be monopolized by the real name. At the beginning of the application of the plastic industry association last year, the resistance of the downstream enterprise has gone through a year, and the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation.
The court by a close to the downstream, because of soaring price of TDI, "reasonable prices" is almost the common attitude in the industry, but also the industry insiders said, in the impact of happiness, TDI manufacturers are not rigorous "". And dealers are also questioned in the price boom, significant volatility has an important role, and even can "control price".
TDI such a non - mass chemical, in our country through rough, from the foreign monopoly, to the bud antidumping, and then to today "Antidumping". TDI industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises have yushuiqingshen, jointly cope with foreign giants. But in recent years, it has been a serious loss in the upper reaches, and the lower prices are now unbearable.

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