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Identification of procaine hydrochloride cas51-05-8

Procaine hydrochloride is one of the widely used clinical drugs at home and abroad. In recent years, due to the continuous increase of new clinical uses, the domestic and foreign market demand is booming, causing people's attention. 1、 Procaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic for new and old clinical use. Such as for block anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, lumbar anesthesia and so on. In recent years, it has been found that it has the effects of sedation, analgesia, spasmolysis, antiallergic, restoring the balance of central nervous system and so on. It can also inhibit the autonomy of cardiac ectopic pacing points, expand blood vessels, improve cerebral blood flow and brain nutrition, and improve microcirculation disorders.

Identification of procaine hydrochloride

Diazotization coupling reaction. Color: orange to scarlet.

Reaction of hydrolysates. Procaine hydrochloride has the structure of p-aminobenzoate. It precipitates white precipitate in the presence of sodium hydroxide and turns into oil (procaine) when heated. It can be hydrolyzed to produce volatile diethylaminoethanol. It can turn the wet red litmus test paper into blue. At the same time, it can generate water-soluble sodium p-aminobenzoate. After cooling and acidifying with hydrochloric acid, p-amino is formed The white precipitate of benzoic acid.

Infrared absorption spectrum.

Identification of paracetamol

Diazotization coupling reaction. Reaction after hydrolysis, color: red.

Ferric chloride reaction. The water solution of acetaminophen and ferric chloride test solution show blue purple color.

Impurity inspection of acetaminophen:

In addition to checking acidity, chlorides, sulphates, heavy metals, moisture and residue on ignition, the following items should also be checked:

1. Clarity and color of ethanol solution.

2. Related substances. P-chloroacetanilide was examined by TLC.

3. Paracetamol. It is an aromatic first amine and can form blue coordination compound with sodium nitroso ferricyanide under alkaline conditions, but acetaminophen has no such color inversion. (paracetamol control solution is unstable and should be prepared fresh before use)
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